1992 - PRESENT

Luton Phoenix Players ©2018


In January 1992 The Phoenix Players arose as a new name from the long standing theatre company ‘The Top Hatters’.

The Phoenix Players specially designed logo depicts the mythical creature wearing a ‘Top Hat’ and carrying a ‘Silver Handled’ cane - forever a reminder of our roots.

The company started life as a revue group, in 1946, with sketches and music being written by the group's founder Roy Darby. Roy went on to write pantomimes for the company and from 1971 to directing published shows, the first being that great musical ‘Guys and Dolls’. This show also was the company’s 50th production.

In 1991 Roy was forced to retire through ill health, and as the name ‘The Top Hatters’ was synonymous with Roy, it was felt a new name was needed and The Phoenix Players arose.